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House Shine is a specialist in professional domestic cleaning,
and offers a wide range of housekeeping, both for homes and businesses.

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What cleaning services does house shine offer

Regular Cleaning Services

Our regular cleaning services is carried out by teams of two professionals who
use specialized techniques to ensure effective cleaning according to the priorities of each client.

Occasional Cleaning Services

You can request whenever you want, without any commitment and according to your preferences, an occasional cleaning service for your home.

Deep Cleaning Services

In the deep cleaning service, the objective is to immediately regularize all the cleaning of the house or part of it, so that you can immediately offer comfort and tranquility to your family.


Professional Cleaning Services

House Shine offers a wide range of complementary professional cleaning services such as upholstery cleaning (sofas, mattresses, rugs).

You can use these services whenever you need and in a complementary way to the domestic cleaning service.


Emergency Cleaning Services

If you need any emergency cleaning, know that you still have our post-incence cleaning and post-work cleaning service at your disposal.


How does the housekeeping service work?

1. Does House Shine only do Home Care Housekeeping?

No, in addition to home care housekeeping, House Shine also provides professional cleaning services for offices and businesses.

2. Who cleans my house?

Your home will be cleaned by a team of two house cleaning professionals with House Shine training for maximum cleaning efficiency and rigor. All cleaning teams are properly uniformed and have the necessary insurance.

3. Can I Trust the Housekeeping Services of House Shine?

House Shine is a national leader in domestic cleaning, serving a decade in the market and is a 100% national company. All our cleaning professionals were carefully recruited and trained, having accident and civil liability insurance, in case of any eventuality.

There is also supervision in order to maintain quality standards, in addition to continuous training in cleaning behaviors and methods. Despite our utmost care, if something happens or is not as intended, we will take responsibility for resolving the situation.

4. If I want can I hand over my house keys?

Yes, with all confidence. For security reasons the keys are individually coded and kept in a safe with no indication of the house to which they belong. Only the supervisor and the team manager will have access to your keys on the day of cleaning your house. supervision in order to maintain quality standards, in addition to continuous training in cleaning behaviors and methods. Despite our utmost care, if something happens or is not as intended, we will take responsibility for resolving the situation.

5. What are House Shine's Standard Housekeeping Procedures?

Our Cleaning services are carried out by teams of two professionals with full training in cleaning methods, products, tools and cleaning machines. Our teams carry out the domestic cleaning of your home with specialized techniques in order to ensure an effective cleaning according to the priorities of each client.

All household cleaning products and equipment are professionally handled and supplied by House Shine. Our method is designed so that your home has a level of hygiene and care that is superior to traditional methods.

6. Does House Shine require any loyalty or booking of fixed services?

Not. Customers use our professional and leading cleaning services as they wish, being able to hire more or less or even punctually.

We fully trust our customers’ satisfaction with our cleaning service. Naturally, regular cleaning customers usually define the days and times they want cleaning, but they can always change it 48 hours in advance.

7. What benefits will I get from House Shine cleaning services?

You will have your home taken care of by trained domestic cleaning professionals, providing a level of hygiene and cleanliness far above average. Two-person teams ensure the ability to clean more effectively, even behind and under furniture.

You will no longer have problems with absences or unavailability of the cleaning maid. The cleaning products and equipment are all supplied by us, these being of high quality and technical use. Even so, if you want us to use any other product of your preference, we will also do that.

8. What if a maid gets sick or goes on vacation?

The brightness and cleanliness of your home is always assured. We will immediately send another team to your home, which will follow the same cleaning protocol previously defined with you.

What are the Cleaning Services Prices?

Depending on the type of cleaning, the value may vary. it is also necessary to take into account the size of the space to be cleaned, the number of hours needed, the number of teams needed, among others.

Thus, in order to be able to estimate the number of hours needed to perform the service and, consequently, assign you an immediate quote, our professionals always carry out a prior visit to the space, completely free of charge, in order to be able to assess the area. of the same and the concrete needs of cleaning.

With these data, we calculate the final value, making it possible to guarantee the cleaning service performed.

Housekeeper Near Me?
House Shine will help you!

House Shine is present from north to south of Portugal to provide quality and detailed service cleaning to families and companies.

Housekeeping Reviews

Discover our Customers' Opinions about our Housekeeping Services

“…it was with great pleasure that I found, once again, that the cleaning services were exceptional. Everything was as agreed (…) best wishes for the continuation of an excellent work and high professionalism.”

Diana Pires, Porto

“Professionalism, Competence and Friendliness!!
More than enough ingredients for the key to the success of the House Shine Team.”

Fatima Neves, Barreiro

“On behalf of the elements that make up the IERU team (including the management) we show our appreciation for the quality and speed of the services provided by your company, and in particular, the team that travels to our facilities every fortnight.”

Ana Madalene, Coimbra

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